I greet with respect and love those who visit the website of the Dialogue Association. You can read about the activities and operation of our association, which we have been doing since 2002 in the Northern Hungarian region, especially in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county. 

Since our establishment, we have planned and implemented more and more community development processes that help the community relations of the settlements and strengthen the local society and citizenship. NGO-s manifest themselves in many ways today. Being an NGO can be a tool or a belief. We are among those who believe that not only can but must be done to improve our society and the daily lives of average people. 

We believe that we must not only do but encourage others to take action. It is necessary to show the opportunities, tools and methods of initiation to those who want to act, to use the power of the community (too) in order to make their life, settlement and environment more viable.



  • Community work;
  • lifelong but community learning;
  • develop and support local action programs;
  • ensure the public, especially the local public;
  • search for contacts and promote their formation;
  • and generate professional co-operations.


Trusting that we have piqued your interest and made you open to community development, we would encourage you to learn about our programs, their spirit, and visit our site from time to time. 


Andrea Sélley

President of the Dialogue for Communities Public Benefit Association

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